A friend of mine is writing a paper on Internal and External factors affecting procurement in organisations focusing on sugar firms in kenya. The last few months I have been editing his work,lol have just been correcting grammar, am using the term editing because it makes me feel important and all. I do not know much about procurement so I had to educate myself. But I grew up in a sugar belt and around a sugar factory. So this paper kind of is personal, it brought up my childhood memories.

I remember the hunger and the dust, but I also have the fond memories of running after tractors transporting sugarcane, apida motingo bagas(English has failed me) and tankers caring molasses, they had this taps at the back which we would open while the tanker was still on the move and lick molasses. It used to give most parents a kind of heart attack. And my mum was no exception. We would arrive home our cheeks smeared with molasses and our clothes stained too. Hell would break lose and Nyar seme would go on a rant.Then the slaps and blows would follow and a cold shower would prescribed, this is why I never take a cold shower,its punishment.

And there was the rite of passage that every child who grew up in a sugar belt had to go through. A visit to the sugar factory..yeah all my childhood friends know about sugar production we can talk about shit like 'sucrose content',nuclear farms' and all...

But the reality is a generation is going to miss out on this, when I look at my childhood there is no light on the horizon. The sugar industry is facing a lot of crises, this is no news, but most of us are just aware of Mumias problems. Do we know that Miwani Sugar company collapsed more than a decade ago, Muhoroni closed down and re-opened under receivership. But is still under receivership more than a decade later, the government should talk to KCB on how to go about receivership manenos, Chemelil is going under, little is said about Sony...but Sugar factories owned by Chinese are mashrooming all over kenya.

I dont want to talk about the 200k metric tons illegal imported sugar that crate instability in the local domestic market because its not taxed its cheap. Or the 16% of the national population that directly or indirectly depend on the sugar industry. I wont rant about the high cost of production,field and factory ineffiency, corruption and inpunity and lack of capital to automate mills........

I want to sit and chew sugarcane and listen to the voice of my fathers,they tell the future,I want to believe,I want to see the change, that it would be possible to recreate my childhood in another life time,that change is going to come, my fathers are telling me that there are purple hopes.

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