After My Brother Died That Way , I Started

I was in my room and my mom came to me and asked for 20 Ghana cedis ($5 USD)  to help take a man she called my brother to the hospital because his sickness was getting worse and his family could not afford to take him to the hospital. I told my mother that the man has a wife and sister older than I am so why is she asking me? But I also told the truth that I had no money. She silently left and a week later she came up to me, and told me that the man had died. I was in shock, upset and distraught. I couldn’t help but think that this could happen to someone in my family, or a family close to me, and so I decided I had to do something about it. The next day, I visited clinics in nearby villages and spoke to the nurses and their patients about the major problems they are facing, and began drafting ideas how I could provide an appropriate solution.


1. Lack of basic life-saving healthcare equipment for public health workers to use to  prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients. They had few but very old equipment.

The WHO estimates that between 50 and 80% of medical equipment is out of service in low-income countries. The estimated economic loss of 15% of medical equipment in the developing world being out of service is $12.8 billion USD annually, or 22% of the total health spending in the WHO’s AFRO region

It is estimated that up to 80% of the medical equipment in some sub-Saharan African countries is donated equipment; the majority of which is out of use

2. Most people from the community do not go to the healthcare centers at all because they feel they can't afford the treatment they will receive in the clinics and will rather go to the farms for herbs as medicine. Thus some people can't afford the healthcare they need in underserved communities across Africa.(I changed this in the document already..)

*We are creating Crowdfrica to help solve Africa's healthcare inequity.


We are working to connect public health workers and their patients in high-need communities across Africa to donors around the world who want to help.

Crowdfrica is a global crowdfunding platform through which anyone anywhere can donate to directly fund low cost life-saving medical equipment or treatment for public health workers and their patients in need across Africa.


There are several organizations (big and small) who are supporting developing countries with medical equipment but do not position themselves as using crowdfunding model to connect donors with health workers or health centers in need.

They they mostly rely on donated equipment (used/surplus) by their partner health organizations in the developed countries and then donate to partner/ selected health centers

According to the WHO more than 80% of health care equipment in the developing countries are donated and 40 - 50 % of them are not functioning.

The advantage crowdfrica has is that, crowdfrica makes it easy for health workers in need to put their request on our platform and then willing donors (individuals and organizations) around the world will choose and donate to fund their choice, we then  buy and send them the equipment they need. Same applies to their patients.

We hope Crowdfrica plays great role in solving healthcare inequity across Africa.

Please join  us Here :


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