When Communication Goes Wrong

Communication is the act of passing across a message via text, voice, writings or actions.

Miscommunication happens when one party interprets a message wrongly.

Many Books and counselors advice that effective and continuous communication is key for a successful marriage. I think Open Communication is also necessary for healthy friendships and relationships.

When offended by someone, speak up, don’t harbor bitterness and let it build to resentment.

Resolve issues as soon as possible, Don’t let them linger.

It is best to Express yourself freely when upset at something someone did than to pretend everything is okay and then in the future not let sleeping dogs lie.

It is better to talk to people directly when they offend you.

Sometimes it is advisable to get an older more mature adult involved. If not necessary, settle disputes one on one.

Speak to the person who wronged you and express why you are not pleased so there is no misinterpretation or misrepresentation.

If you need time to let the anger die and so you can analyse the situation properly, take time out. Arrange your thoughts, write out how you feel so it’s clearer to you. Don’t let this process take forever as the longer the tension lasts, the more awkward it will be when you’re trying to resolve the situation.

Speak Up

Speak Out

Speak Directly

Don’t let Messages get lost in translation. An unwise third party could make the situation worse by twisting the truth or embellishing the story. Choose a confidant with care.

Regarding work, ensure all instructions and agreements are documented properly so there is a message trail that can be referred to if the client or service provider isn’t pleased with the service. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I have learnt that in life, people wouldn't always be agreement, however disagreements can be resolved. 

Hurt Feelings are Better than Burnt Bridges.

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