Visiting Badagry Slave Museum 

Reading Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing reminded me that nothing is impossible and there is no reason why we shouldn’t do everything legally possible to achieve our goals.

Life is filled with challenges and roadblocks but compared to our ancestors who were slaves, we’ve had it easy.

I visited Badagry on the 14th of December with some friends who are content creators like me.

It was an interesting, enlightening and sobering experience which caused me to reflect and appreciate the times I was born in.

The Africans captured to be slaves had so many restrictions

  • Their identity was taken from them
  • They were treated in such an inhumane manner, squashed in tiny overcrowded rooms where they excreted on themselves and died from pain
  • They were exploited and abused
  • Their self esteem/self worth was low and little to no value was placed on their life with 40 human beings being exchanged for something as measly as an umbrella

They lived life trying to not get killed by their masters, their sole mission was to survive or work their way out of bondage.

Reading about slavery is one thing, watching movies about it is another. Visiting the slave cells and walking down the path of no return makes what happened to our forefathers sink in.

This sensitive issue which triggers a variety of emotions is one that people don’t like to think about.

We should all be grateful for the gift and opportunity of education and freedom.

We should also ensure that the fight for independence was not in vain by maximizing our potentials and making our mark on the world.

Enjoy the pictures and clip I captured that day.

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