I didn’t mean to kill her, I really didn’t.

I just wanted to scare her a little, to let her know that indeed, I was in charge.

I am the man of the house, the head of the family.

I was tired of being disrespected on a daily basis.

It wasn’t my fault.

The exchange rate crisis caused my company to go under, getting another job in this import driven industry that I have been in for 20 years is as hard as finding a needle in a Haystack.

It isn’t easy to gain new skills that would make me employable in another industry.

I just expected her to be more patient.

Yes, I had been home for a couple of months but I was trying, searching through the newspapers on a daily basis, asking people if they knew of any vacancies, even willing to try my hands on entrepreneurship.

I was tired of the nagging, the incessant complaining, all I ever got from her was negativity.

I helped her more with house hold chores, was around more for bonding time yet she didn’t see the silver lining, all she saw was darkness.


Badagry Prison, I walked past here as a child visiting the Slave Museums, now I’m a tenant here, life sucks.

This place stinks, we are fed the same watery tasteless nonsense day in day out.

My skin is now filled with scabies.

What more is there to live for?

Childless, Wifeless, now Lifeless….

Spending all my time in this hell hole, I’m really not sure what the point of my existence is anymore.

Life imprisonment in Nigeria = No Hope

My life goals are now useless, my mantra Happy Wife, Happy Life was such a joke.

10 inmates died last week because of a chicken pox outbreak.

Inadequate/Non Existent Medical Facilities, Overcrowding and lack of clean water, it’s no wonder death doesn’t scare me anymore.

All I can do now is to ensure that things are right with God so that when I die, I spend eternity in Heaven.

Till then, I countdown.

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