A Phone Thief

My phone got stolen at Church on Sunday and I was perplexed.

I left it charging in the Admin Office when the Administrator was there. Unfortunately, he left the office door unlocked and went on stage to lead Thanksgiving.

I'm extremely disappointed that it got stolen at church.

I'm sad because I've spent N25,000 fixing it in the past month.

I'm pained because I have 3 months worth of unlimited data on that sim. (Retrieved the Sim now though)

I am comforted that my pictures and videos are backed up on my laptop.

I am determined to back up all the data on my laptop and hard drive.

I pray that the person who stole my phone isn't able to rest until he returns it.

I pray he/she has nightmares and doesn’t prosper until it is returned, yes, it is that deep.

I wish my church had CCTV Cameras monitoring that office.

I wonder why it happened to me and the purpose of this disappointment.

I've learnt that all manners of people go to the house of the lord so one has to be extra conscious.

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