A Yoruba Intro To Calculus.

Dear Minister of Education,

I do not like complexity. Unfortunately, some things are just too intricate to be dealt with simply. Are they really? I dare say not necessarily.

An examination of the OECD’s ranking of the world’s smartest countries based on science and math quickly reveals that the top spots have become the birth rights of some Asian countries (Singapore, South Korea and so on). If these countries outrank the USA and most of Europe regularly, maybe we should rethink our adopted methods of teaching science and math.

Maybe the Asians have a method of teaching that excels because English is not forced down the children’s throats. Maybe certain concepts are better understood when taught in one’s mother tongue.   

Yours patriotically,

A Concerned Fellow.

PS: If you think the following video needs subtitles, I think you miss the point sir.

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