'A toast to the New Year'

If you asked me what my new year resolutions were, you will be blown away by the surprisingly amazing opportunities life throws at us. And with that I wish not to make resolutions anymore, I mean something’s just fall in place, from no where they become bigger than resolutions we had. 

If you asked me then, whether I was going to write soon, my answer would have been be when I retire, when I probably have time to make mistakes on my own blog or platform where no one would read my articles. As a broadcast journalist, writing is something I liked and yet feared for the past years and something I didn’t think I was going to do very soon.

But moving into the future, it just happened like manna falling from heaven, I mean, I can now clearly say it was the right time, giving  a shot at akoma, all I thought was that I was only going to send videos, something I’m completely well versed with. Little did I know I could actually write stories of up to 500 words.

Looking back on the months gone by, As a new year starts and an old one ends, the stories I have told, the interviews I have conducted and the classes I have attended, lets toast to akoma.

*a toast to akoma, for surprising me. I didn’t even know the platform at the beginning of the year; 

*a toast to akoma for unveiling my other ability; the ability to think and tell stories in writing, and reach bigger audience;  

*but a big toast to akoma for giving me the opportunity to learn, unlearn, make loads of mistakes but lots of lessons; maybe this is also one of those other mistakes. Haha!

To the new year, I want to raise a glass to more stories with mistakes, more lessons but also more opportunities to tell better stories in a different way. 

Speaking of a different way, telling one of my end of year stories, I visited the biggest chili farm in Rwanda but the story of chili put aside, the workers on the farm are disabled; one blind and one without arms.

A toast to all the abled disabled in the New Year.




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