A Day Inside Unilag

Alex walking down the aisle of Lagoon front in Unilag.

Adebanke was standing 90 degrees to me under a tree whose brownish leaf twirls and litters the floor. We've known each other (online) for quite some years now. Our eyes have only seen each other but our bodies haven't met.

"This is my first time of getting really close to Unilag" I whispered to her.

Some weeks ago, prior to notifying her of the possibility of coming to University of Lagos (Unilag), she's been helpful on info about how to navigate my brother's venue for his post utme exam. So, I took the advantage of seeing my brother off to his exam venue, to give him some head ups and ultimately meet Adebanke.

The birds were still drawn to their nest when I and Alex took off for Lagos. The journey was smooth but not swift. Anyway, we eventually made it to the exam venue with other pool of students. That made Unilag their utmost preference. Then, I put a call to Adebanke of my arrival. "I'm in my hostel and will join you in 10 minutes" her soft voice beams. 

Alex has gone for his exam couple hours ago and it's just me and Adebanke gazing at each others eye. "Maybe our body is going to meet each other this time" I murmured inside of me. My head was going east with eyes closed as I thrust my lips forward to kiss Adebanke.

"Ahem"! goes Alex with a slight grimace on his face. I wanted to utter a word but he obstructed. "Can we go for my tour now!". He croaked.

Adebanke smiled and said she will do us the favour of being our tour guide. 

Alex having a view of third mainland bridge from the lagoon front.

Sky's pregnant. Thunder striking.

Time to go home bro!

P.s: All photos was shot by me with itel 1516+

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