A 3D Spectrum

Let it be, Now or Then

Resolutions still remain

Standing strong, steady or fall

Against information frequencies

Endless absorption morphed

To implore galore.

Let it be, Here or There

Receding to neither

Reaching remotely, relay or risk

Availed spaces filled apace

Electrons connect in haste

To implore new hubs.

Let it be, Even or Never

Binary Fusion strives

Gathering greatly, analyse or dispel

Metadata generates big-data

Needles orbit in the haystack

To impose on generations.

Let it be, Pronto or Slow

Higher than the mighty

Make the invisible visible, hidden or seen

Digital recognises creativity 

Critical thinking frees the mind

To innovate with motivation.

Let it be, Haste or Waste

Revolutions foster systems

Revolving to evolve, sensor or absorb 

Emergent local tools at low-cost

Highly proficient powerful technology

To model quality imprints.

Photo Source: Re:Vision 


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