57 Amplified Lessons

I do a lot of “what I learned from” pieces, such as what I learned from law school and what I learned from 2016. I complete the Amplify Fellowship next week, and so I thought it would only be proper to do what I learned from the Amplify Fellowship. Here goes:

What the Amplify Fellowship has taught me:

  1. Africa has room for my dreams.

  2. I can think of more than I can think of.

  3. People are the deepest source of beauty.

  4. Quality work deserves quality remuneration.

  5. Zain Verjee is the Queen.

  6. Passion is the most delicious thing in a person.

  7. Work can be something to look forward to.

  8. The textures, colours, feel, of Stephanie Wanga.

  9. Consistency is achievable.

  10. One can find sisters among strangers.

  11. People are exciting.

  12. The work I do is important, can be important.

  13. Art is where people meet, greet each other in their vulnerability, find solace, find peace.

  14. You do not know the things you are whispering to people in the work you do.

  15. When you promise, you must deliver. 

  16. Mtaka cha mvunguni sharti ainame,” - the Swahili proverb, which  means, “he who requires what is under the bed must stoop for it.” 

  17. You have got to bring out the special in yourself, let it be on the table in your associations with other people.

  18. Never underestimate your own worth, and especially not deliberately.

  19. Quirky is good.

  20. The soul must not be suffocated.

  21. I have been reminded of a saying Chinua Achebe referred to, “the whole essence of travel is to go back home.”

  22. What are limits?

  23. When the work is done, celebrate.

  24. It brought to life the Achebe quote: “The world is like a Mask dancing. If you want to see it well, you do not stand in one place.” 

  25. Laugh a little.

  26. Boldness.

  27. Put your best foot forward, lovely.

  28. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare for the work of your dreams. Prepare. Do not assume readiness.

  29. See what is not so visible. 

  30. Communicate. 

  31. Dream in supersize. 

  32. The finer things in life are also good. 

  33. You will not always be loved - welcome that, too. 

  34. Listen, will you?

  35. Work hard. You might fail, crash, burn. Work hard again. 

  36. Have I seen Africa? Have you seen Africa?

  37. Apologise when you need to.

  38. One must render themselves flexible. 

  39. Inspiration has many homes.

  40. Ask for opportunity.

  41. Appreciate your people.

  42. “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

  43. Yourself, is yummy.

  44. Collaborate.

  45. Travel, discover, see what you might find. If the thing you want is elsewhere, go and get it.

  46. Keep thinking.

  47. Keep asking. 

  48. Kuuliza si ujinga” - asking is not stupidity. 

  49. Understand firmness, use it.

  50. Appreciate the bumps in the process. Take some pictures. 

  51. Know what is important to you. Know where the line will not be crossed. 

  52. One day, you will arrive, you will dust your feet. 

  53. Reach out to those who are, have been there.

  54. Record the beautiful. Record it in the way you will. 

  55. But what is this giving up thing? 

  56. Dreams are poetry for hard work. 

  57. Remember the journey, always.

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