21st Century Creativity

I came across the above quote today, while scheming through Instagram. Surprise, surprise! If someone paid me a dollar every time I opened that application, I would be a millionaire today. To be fair, I do follow a number of accounts which post short poems and sayings that inspire me throughout the day.After all, it’s not only a platform for Kim Kardashian’s scandalous photograph’s!

“Creativity is not a competition”. Then, why does it seem to have become one over the last couple of years? Millenials are busy looking for an edge, which sets them apart from the rest. Creative content creation online leads to successful careers, which many are keen to chase. Yet, I cannot help but think that in this age where a “starving artist” is transformed into an Instagram sensation over night – that we are monetizing our creative juices into pretty, crystal bottles. For everyone to see, but only in a massively appealing shape with a tight cork prohibiting freedom. Technology has given us access to virtual galleries which display our unique brands of creativity. Ironically, this has become a game of numbers in terms of social media following.

Finding your creative niche is never a one stop shop kind of deal. It is a journey, one which, I am currently on as well. Here are some things I have learn’t thus far:

  1. You do not need to bottle up your creative essence and package it in a certain way for the world to appreciate it. As long as you love what you create and it brings you a sense of contentment, then it is working for the best.
  2. There is no rush! Time stands still for no man. However, pushing your creative spirit to try and yield results for an external reason will frustrate you. You may end up blocking this creativity in this way. So, give the process time and be patient with yourself.
  3. Explore, explore and explore some more. Never think that your creativity must be undiluted in the extreme. It is perfectly alright to seek inspiration from others and learn from their journey. Try new things and challenge yourself.
  4. And, do not do the opposite of the above either. Seeking out to become the next version of an established and successful creative personality is positive if you look at them as a role model. But, looking up to this person to simply do everything exactly as they do it, will stifle your unique traits.
  5. Finally, – it really is not a competition. Be you, unapologetically and boldly you. Stand by your creative outlook and celebrate it as something solely limited to yourself. You do not need to get x amount of shares, likes, subscriptions, etc in order to validate your creativity.


I hope this helps you on your journey of creative expression too.

Best of luck!


Make this time absolutely yours. Don’t waste precious moments on keeping scores…

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